Phanerozoic marine communities I (September 26)

We have a truncated schedule this week because I will be in Phoenix at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America giving this presentation. No class or lab on Tuesday; back to class and lab on Thursday. I will return your graded tests Thursday morning.

Our topic on Thursday will be Early Paleozoic marine communities. We’ll introduce the major players in the ecosystems and explore the Cambrian Explosion. It will be a story weaving together rising oxygen levels, the coelom and the first skeletons. We will use the iconic Burgess Shale fossils as our first example of a Lagerstätte.

Geology in the News —

Here’s an article on that new arthropod from the Burgess Shale (Middle Cambrian) of Canada. You know Mollisonia plenovenatrix well from your first test!

I don’t cite the Daily Mail very often, but they did make this story exciting: New evidence about the end-Cretaceous extinction event recovered from a core recovered from the Chicxulub Crater.