Phanerozoic marine communities: Mesozoic Marine Revolution, KPg extinction (October 15 & 17)

This week we return to the oceans to explore the paleoecology of the marine Mesozoic and Cenozoic. We will look at the Triassic recovery faunas, the rise of modern ecosystems in the Jurassic (the Mesozoic Marine Revolution), the Cretaceous extinction, and then the Paleocene recovery fauna that begins the Cenozoic. I suspect this may push into next week!

Again for lab this week, you’ll appreciate these links to the Ordovician Atlas, a Cincinnatian fossil guide, and a strat-paleo guide to the Cincinnatian.

The Brachiopod Lab Report is due on October 22 by 5:00 pm in your Dropbox folder; Research Project Title and References are due on October 22 by 1:00 pm on paper.

Geology in the News —

The excellent novelist Cormac McCarthy gives tips on how to write a great science paper. This is good advice on paper structure we rarely see.

Meet the giant “lion” larger than a polar bear who was once the apex predator in Africa. Simbakubwa is about 22 million years old. Note the museum drawer effect!

Fake Moon rock! This is an odd story since petrified wood is very far from looking like a basaltic Moon rock. We need more public geologists!