Reef communities (October 22 & 24)

We will start the week with an analysis of the Mesozoic Marine Revolution and then move into our main topic: The paleoecology of reefs. We will concentrate on reefs with a biological framework, studying modern scleractinian coral reefs and then diving into deep time to examine reefs made by other organisms, like archaeocyathids, sponges, bryozoans, brachiopods and rudist clams.

The Brachiopod Lab Report is due on October 22 by 5:00 pm in your Dropbox folder; Research Project Title and References are due on October 22 by 1:00 pm on paper.

Here is the Foram Identification website you need for lab this week.

Geology in the News —

Here’s the original National Geographic article featuring our own Dr. Karen Alley and her upside-down rivers in Antarctica. Very cool work.

Could we detect a past industrial civilization in the rock record? Turns out we may not be making the geological mark we may think we are. Thoughtful article.

Nice evolution GIF!